Sentences and phrases with the word vaudeville

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word vaudeville? Here are some examples.

The latest production from writer Lally Katz and director Chris Kohn takes us back to the golden age of vaudeville.

In her new play, Goodbye Vaudeville Charlie Mudd, Melbourne is built around the flood-prone Swanston River.

The Tiger Lillies deal with putrescence, despair, prostitution, violence and death in a soaring, decadent, vaudeville style.

Described as part silent film and part vaudeville, it won five awards at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Contemporary burlesque incorporates everything from bad vaudeville to belly dancing.

Michael Dalley, creator and lead of edgy cabaret show Vaudeville X.

It is set in Melbourne's vaudeville scene in 1913 and was researched on a creative fellowship at the State Library in 2006.

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