Sentences and phrases with the word unyielding

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word unyielding? Here are some examples.

It is as unyielding as the men it documents.

Still on the family's Western District property, but hidden, because even in his unyielding despair.

Though, Ustad Allah Bukhs, as predecessor, had shown unyielding commitment towards landscape backgrounds in many of his pastoral life paintings.

In other words, it does not take an army to affect positive change in a community, it takes people with unyielding passion.

The gnarled, twisted trunks rise almost easily from occasionally foul smelling mudflats, and the sparse broadleaves are hard and unyielding.

You want to be witty, you want to be charming, you want to come across as unyielding attractive to the person sitting across from you.

But what will bring us out of the potential peril gallantly is the unyielding will to do what we are little sure of.

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