Sentences and phrases with the word unknown

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word unknown? Here are some examples.

Richard Flanagan's The Unknown Terrorist is less about terrorism than the perception of terrorism.

This makes it all the more difficult to trace unknown numbers that keep.

If you have been getting a lot of calls from unknown numbers.

Sadly, it has yet to be discovered, since migraine causes has several theories, and many cases are diagnosed with unknown causes.

The identity of the builders of these structures are unknown and it seams that the most plausible explanation for their existence may be Extraterrestrial.

Some of these directories will even offer to give you this service for free only to end up demanding some money for unknown charges before giving you the.

Although major polio epidemics were unknown before the late 19th century, polio was one of the most dreaded childhood diseases of the 20th century.

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