Sentences and phrases with the word turn around

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word turn around? Here are some examples.

These stalls are so cramped, the pigs cannot turn around or take more than one step forward or back.

Mark HAWTHORNE In 2005, Collingwood embarked on a two-week, high-altitude training camp in Arizona in an effort to turn around the club's fortunes.

After a series of events and a lunch break, things turn around for Troy.

James Kern makes it easy to claw back your ex and rapidly turn around a hopeless situation.

He is an expert in developing business plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, funding plans, finance packages and turn around plans.

What can managers do to turn around negative employee attitudes? By taking proactive leader action.

Panic attacks are part of a mental condition that has the potential to completely turn around someone's life.

This is the first of a series of articles designed to help people turn around their bad financial situation into a good one.

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