Sentences and phrases with the word trenchant

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word trenchant? Here are some examples.

It's also unrepentantly trenchant, eschewing the delicacy conventionally observed in religious discussion.

The Northern Territory Police Force the subject of trenchant criticism in Mr Barritt's judgment, left its file open and continued to interview people.

Cornwell has since said that the marriage radicalised her politics, turning her from a trenchant Republican into a Democrat.

Big pharmaceutical companies are trenchant in their opposition to PBAC.

The voices of trenchant nationalism are already being heard.

How did this member of the American governing class, become such a trenchant critic of his homeland? Vidal, who turns 80 this year.

Geoffrey Blainey remains the central figure, arousing almost as trenchant criticism from Keating this week as did Howard.

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