Sentences and phrases with the word thumb

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word thumb? Here are some examples.

Having a green thumb has taken on a new meaning as Aussie gardeners become more eco-friendly, says TV gardener Brendan Moar.

Jim MORTON AND TONY BARTLETT GOLD Coast maestro Scott Prince has declared his injured thumb 100 per cent ready to handle a taxing examination by the big.

Green thumb Vasili Kanidiadis with his piano accordion.

Here is the eighth of ten important rules of thumb to make sure your website performs well.

Read on to find out what causes the pain at the tip of your thumb and what you can do.

Much has been said about the correct position of the left hand thumb on the guitar neck.

Knowing how bullies keep us under their thumb can help you start figuring out a way to get out from under their thumb.

Users are suffering from severe pain in their thumb joint.

In basal joint arthritis, the joints at the base of the thumb are frequently affected.

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