Sentences and phrases with the word testify

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word testify? Here are some examples.

Tobacco man must testify, court rules.

Australia tells Indonesia's High Court it can provide a video link for witnesses to testify if it reopens Schapelle Corby's appeal a second time.

The whole truth: Judith Miller prepares to testify to a Senate committee.

Speaking of some of the saints who were temporarily restored to physical life to testify about Yeshua's resurrection.

Most women can testify that childbirth is their.

As anyone who speaks French as a second language will testify.

Any married person will testify that marriage is a relationship that calls for a lot of understanding on the part of the two.

I took the challenge to testify to myself, that I can make my new online business to succeed.

Two Witnesses in Jerusalem will testify to this glorious truth, this GOOD NEWS, heralding the coming of our King in the spirit of Elijah.

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