Sentences with the phrase 'switchboard operator'

Looking for sentences with the phrase 'switchboard operator'? Here are some examples.

Before it aired, Lyle went to see the Sunday night switchboard operator, and asked her to list the complaint calls.

A CA switchboard operator was summoned to describe the sort of uncomplimentary feedback she was regularly forced to deal with.

At the mention of a switchboard, an image that comes to mind is a receptionist, sometimes referred to as the switchboard operator.

Sherrie Schwing, a switchboard operator at the zoo for the last 12 years, sat down at her post shortly after 8:30 a.

He recalled auditioning as many as 15 times before landing the part of Jeff Moss, who falls in love with the switchboard operator.

For Aurolyn Rush, 61, a switchboard operator at the Grand Hyatt, the doubling of the drug-cost limit lifts a huge burden.

Switchboard Operator : Jerre Sanchez Editorial Assistants: Dima Alzayat, Casey Chan, Melissa Henderson, Colin Stutz.

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