Sentences and phrases with the word sweet

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word sweet? Here are some examples.

All in your own sweet time, boys. Date: March 12 2010. A new album.

Sweet wines are often overlooked or misunderstood, but can rank with the best of other varieties, writes Sally Gudgeon.

Edible decorations have come a long way from the sweet sugary concoctions on ice cream cakes and the light-as-air whipped cream roses on a bakery cake.

Everybody loves dark, bitter and sweet chocolate that melts like succulent cream in your tongue.

Not a very good start to one of the world's great sweet wines.

Blood oranges burst forth a delicious sweet citrusy taste.

Sweet joy befall thee! Pretty joy! Sweet joy, but two days old.

Sweet cherries can be eaten by themselves, whereas tart cherries are used in making other foods.

Thank You, My Sweet Valentine.

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