Sentences and phrases with the word stun

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word stun? Here are some examples.

Fairfax photographer Kate Geraghty has told of being attacked with a stun gun by Israeli navy commandos after they boarded the ship she was.

New concerns about the safety of Taser stun guns used by Victoria Police have been raised by the case of an Adelaide man hit in the eye by.

Israel used stun gun on Fairfax photographer.

Stun guns or pepper spray.

While the TASER C2 wins the title of the worlds wimpiest stun gun voltage wise.

As with stun guns a stun baton produces a current of high voltage which can.

When I first got one of these stun guns.

Small and easy to handle stun gun with almost one million volts of striking power.

Stun guns send electricity with a very high voltage and low amperage to the.

Read on to see why this powerful stun gun is the choice of so many.

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