Sentences and phrases with the word strengthen

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word strengthen? Here are some examples.

He said if these countries agreed on this it would strengthen the hand of negotiators at the formal UN meetings heading towards the.

Because of this, we had to strengthen the steel work.

Former St Kilda defender Matt Maguire rides a scooter around Princes Park, an exercise designed to strengthen his hamstrings.

Apart from longer term solutions looking at ways to strengthen the.

These tips will strengthen your child's overall health.

Lifestyle changes may be necessary, and to help strengthen the organs and the immune system of the cat, dietary changes may help a lot.

Strengthen your immune system by using the tools that nature provides.

Improve your skills in this area and strengthen your leadership.

Learn the best ways to satisfy your woman in bed to strengthen and spice up your.

Their goal is to support and strengthen the powerful healing forces already at work within us.

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