Sentences and phrases with the word streets

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word streets? Here are some examples.

Australian police have started patrolling the lawless streets of Port Moresby.

So many mentally ill people are left out on the streets in our nation to cope with street life that they are not mentally capable of dealing with.

Travelers have to suffer a lot while traveling and they need to bother other people walking around the streets, for asking the specific address.

The War in Our Streets.

With snow covering the idyllic cobbled streets during winter and long sunny days.

Instead of running the streets I was stalking.

The ancient Egyptians celebrated her feastday on October 31 with convivial merry making, music, dancing in the streets and drinking with friends.

Alfie Harris is the CEO of Streets Ahead Products.

Ramshackle balconies hang precariously over narrow cobbled streets, home to wonderful whitewashed houses with vibrant blue shutters.

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