Sentences and phrases with the word still

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word still? Here are some examples.

Afl wrap: Geelong still the team to beat (06:00).

It is a hard thing to get over but it can be even harder when you're still in love with your ex.

You can easily tell whether or not your ex still cares about you.

Once you have found the right apartment for you, you still cannot shake off the stress because there are still a lot of paper works to accomplish.

It helps to know how guys behave when they are still interested.

But still many of today's societies still share the common traits of a mono-cultural society.

Even if you don' t have a lot of money, you can still make a lot of money from real estate.

Many people still today prefer to live independent, carefree lifestyles, because they still do not think they are ready for marriage.

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