Sentences and phrases with the word soporific

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word soporific? Here are some examples.

The sun coming through the windows is soporific and while my notes beckon — following a three-course midday lunch — so does sleep.

Soporific and sublime.

Masters GOLF TOURNAMENT: Golf on the telly is soporific.

Works like these save ballet from becoming soporific, insuring the form continues to grow and remain contemporary.

You know that as soon as your heart stops pumping, your muscles relax and the warm soporific water of the post-run shower hits your skin.

A great, banal sameness defines us, making us mostly soporific.

Given a slightly soporific warmth by images of Italian landscapes and sunlit gardens.

Escape is made easier of course by the soporific effect that dead words have on our fellow human beings.

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