Sentences and phrases with the word solution

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word solution? Here are some examples.

The Immigration Department has revived using Nauru Island for its Pacific Solution policy by transferring seven Burmese refugees there.

Burnet's solution : The plan to poison S-E Asia.

My last article on revitalizing your performance management solution (Part 3) discussed how to develop a winning project plan.

The best solution available will depend on the particular circumstances of the person in debt.

Revitol Cellulite Solution is considered to be one of the most effective anti cellulite solution.

When investing in the right print solution for your office make sure you know what parts will be needed.

Although they spend a lot of time explaining how the features of their solution will benefit the customer.

In a tumultuous economy, company executives are not looking to spend more money on the same solution that can be delivered more effectively and less costly.

Bankruptcy is not the only solution to overwhelming debt.

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