Sentences and phrases with the word soft-spoken

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word soft-spoken? Here are some examples.

For two such soft-spoken characters, the Chemical Brothers have an unerring knack of bringing out extreme reactions in people.

A septuagenarian British widower's soft-spoken, humble manner has won the hearts of users of the youth-dominated YouTube website.

soft-spoken character dressed in black who rarely cracks a smile and tells me that she now prefers to be known as Professor Connolly.

In his soft-spoken style, he also addresses homelessness, corporate greed, political power, the beauty of nature and, on several tracks.

He is low-key, soft-spoken, neat, peering through glasses or squinting through the viewfinder.

However, his soft-spoken manner and understated performances appear to have caught the imagination of the electorate.

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