Sentences and phrases with the word socks

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word socks? Here are some examples.

Datang produces an astounding 9 billion pairs of socks each year.

Sheep and chooks are replacing socks and jocks as people remember those less fortunate at Christmas.

Maeve was a wildly imaginative child who wore odd socks and would climb out of windows rather than use the door.

As a runner, the basic apparels would be include a pair of running shoes, socks, running shorts, jackets, gloves, and caps or hats.

Use absorbent socks for containing leaks and spills as rags are inefficient at absorbing water and ineffective when dealing with oil spills.

Have you ever walked into a department store and noticed all the different options there are in dress socks for.

To care for diabetic socks, it is best to wash them in warm water using a mild detergent, without bleaching.

Or you realize that when you add your favorite pair of socks.

Or, as is the case many times, a different pair of socks makes them too tight.

We tend to pay less attention to our feet in the winter because they are covered up with boots, socks, and warm shoes.

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