Sentences and phrases with the word slave trade

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Foreign students ' slave trade '.

Two hundred years after the British Empire abolished the slave trade.

What is so shocking about this book is how so many of the arguments used in defence of the British slave trade are familiar.

They experience many encounters between the West Africans and the Europeans and the reasons of how the slave trade began.

During the slave trade, slaves were brought from Africa to Brazil to labor in the sugar and tobacco plantations.

Slavery had existed in the Mediterranean already for thousands of years however when the Romans rose to power the slave trade boomed like never before.

There are several misconceptions about the Atlantic slave trade but the worst misconception is that Africans sold their own people into slavery.

In 1787 a dozen people began meeting in a small print shop in London to abolish the lucrative slave trade [which, in one form or another.

The history of Rum is a romantic one that traces the development of the New World through the sugar industry of the Caribbean, the slave trade.

This article provides insight into modern music styles based on the origin from South Africa looking as far back as prior the slave trade.

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