Sentences and phrases with the word seduce

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word seduce? Here are some examples.

He pursues an Oxfam worker to Darfur, nearly starves in the desert for her, marries her to seduce her, then dumps her.

We use it for torture, to relax, to worship gods, for meditation, to learn, to seduce, to protest, to rally troops, to grieve.

Tweed belted coat with fur collar, $399, lilac jersey dress, $189, by Seduce; filigree ball earrings, $39.

Karl Quinn Notorious fraudster resurfaces in showbiz scam designed, police believe, solely to meet and seduce women.

That, after all, is Kidd's talent: forging those lustrous book-jacket images that mesmerise, seduce or interest us enough to buy them.

The best way to seduce young, bookish women in Parisian restaurants, some say.

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