Sentences and phrases with the word scrap

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word scrap? Here are some examples.

The Rudd Government is expected to scrap plans to force the states to introduce compulsory Australian history classes in years nine and 10.

State Opposition demands 'significant investment' in trains in next week's budget, as scrapped carriages make a return.

The amazing surge in world scrap metal prices in the past two years has derailed Jeremy Sutcliffe's plans.

These are only two qualities that successful scrap bookers have.

Who would have dreamed that China would use our scrap paper to create other goods?.

Did you know that for every three square feet of scrap lumber approximately one square foot of building structure can be made?.

Scrap booking is a great way to pass the time.

If it is only fit for parts or scrap, or simply costing too much to keep on the road and not worth spending any money on.

Want to earn some extra cash from your unwanted, broken or scrap gold jewelry then send them to a dependable.

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