Sentences and phrases with the word scene

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word scene? Here are some examples.

Italian state television cuts a gay sex scene from Brokeback Mountain.

Brigitte Bardot in a scene from her breakthrough role as a barefoot temptress in Roger Vadim's 1956 hit And God Created Woman.

Cameron Diaz in the famous hair-raising scene from There'.

Scene of the crime investigation is the assembly point of logic.

In this article, we are going to take a look at scene kids.

I came back to tell you about the music scene in Wisconsin from my eyes, it was an exciting time.

Have you ever been writing a story and come up against a scene and been at a loss as to what to write or how to handle the.

Jeff Dexter is in the process of writing his memoirs and I predict this will be the seminal book on the Sixties and Seventies thriving music scene.

The first phase is the drawing phase and involves the drawing of the scene you wish to paint.

Imagine walking past your favorite park to find a crowd of people gathering around a scene where an ambulance and a few police cars are parked.

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