Sentences and phrases with the word sail

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word sail? Here are some examples.

Your guide to sailing and windsurfing around Victoria.

If ALL goes well, and the elements are in her favour, Jessica Watson will sail her yacht, Ella's Pink Lady.

The Royal Australian Navy has ordered the aircraft carrier Melbourne, equipped with helicopters, to prepare to sail for Darwin at midnight tonight.

How to Sail a Boat Better.

Learning to sail can be quite daunting but when you get started you just don't seem to be able to stop.

Controlling the shape of the sail to suit prevailing wind and wave states will help you sail faster in any conditions without capsizing.

When you cruise you can travel to fabulous ports of call anywhere that cruise ships sail.

Many people learn to sail by going sailing.

Garriguesz, a poor Portuguese sailor and his sons, sail to West Africain 1436.

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