Sentences and phrases with the word regardless

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word regardless? Here are some examples.

Christmas has become a global festival, regardless of religion or location.

This pattern is typically found regardless of the stakes, and, as far as I know, regardless of age.

Regardless of the code, footballers are on notice: behave or face the substantial legal and financial consequences.

The entitlement is regardless of whether or not the person is still on.

Regardless of the professed reason customers select you as a supplier.

The actual term is almost moot- regardless of what it's called.

Regardless of how you play.

Kids are usually delighted by them regardless of their foot size, and normally take to hopping about in them.

Regardless of which side speaks first, public forum debates follow a set timing structure and consist of four types of speeches and two types of crossfire.

Regardless of what you want, you're probably looking into a rooftop bike rack.

In my opinion, exercise is critical for anyone, regardless of personal goals and aspirations relating to health.

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