Sentences and phrases with the word quorum

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word quorum? Here are some examples.

There must be a quorum of at least two; guests are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

The Opposition is angry the sittings will not include question time, have no proper votes and do not record quorum.

The floor is concrete; there are the usual problems with sound when the room reaches a quorum of babbling diners.

The first three meetings, Mr O'Halloran claims, failed to get a quorum.

He cures most of the smallgoods himself, ages the beef in the coolroom, smokes the salmon and preserves a quorum of the vegetables.

A quorum of young Melbourne publicans opened the two-storey, four-bar pub and restaurant in June.

Besides, the academics say, the quorum of students who choose to study classics is exceptionally eager.

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