Sentences and phrases with the word qi

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word qi? Here are some examples.

H2hï strongly <îa you ap-prtwe or d ßa pprave qi tha perforniBnoa of Mr Rudd as Primé Minister? Do yau e-Lrcngry approve, approva.

Having taken a job at the local Chinese restaurant, she falls for the callow charms of Joe (very well played by Qi Yuwu).

Learn how Chinese yoga ( qi gong) and other body, mind and spirit practices can help you build prosperity into your life.

Under extreme conditions, it causes rebellion qi attacking the lower part of the body, including reproductive organs and joints.

Qi is the vital energy that's behind all life.

Base on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi is essential for proper and healthy living.

Water is the main conductor of Qi or energy and it is therefore crucial to determine how the Qi flow in the vicinity of a property.

When the flow of Qi becomes unbalanced and disrupted it causes health problems.

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