Sentences and phrases with the word previous

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word previous? Here are some examples.

Plenty of hits from previous years at very low prices.

139 Buenos Aires, Argentina ( previous ranking 144).

PREVIOUS RECORD (2000) Pieter van den Hoogenband (Ned) 47.

Census records can be used to research previous owners of your property, or to find out where your ancestors lived.

Dan Brown's previous books,The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, were famous worldwide.

I expect calling them mistakes is being a bit hard but we can learn a huge amount from looking at our previous work and analyzing what worked and what.

In my previous article I discussed reasons why businesses fail.

It is unclear how advertising truly works here, however we do have the foundation or reference of previous methods used in the previous worlds.

In our previous article, we spoke about how to protect your business against natural calamities.

In my previous life, and previous marriage, I was a very busy girl.

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