Sentences and phrases with the word prettily

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word prettily? Here are some examples.

She did not expire coughing prettily in the arms of her beloved but alone after years of disease and three days of agony.

Prettily realised in pistachio green with a bulls-eye peekaboo white lingerie feature by Kirsten Dunst.

His tour groups the city's growing number of boutique roasters who are doing more with coffee than serving prettily etched cafe lattes.

Though mainly old warehouses with prettily worn facades, a few smaller storefronts are mixed in along the retail strip.

Wispy blond curls around a prettily freckled face gave her a waif-like appearance.

The shooting stilled a voice whose phrases could fall prettily like a cascade of polished pebbles or well up roughly from an emotional core.

Them with a simple pour of melted chocolate moments before serving; the chocolate sets up prettily as soon as it hits the ice cream.

808/637-4580), in the southern part of Haleiwa, features a storefront lined with vintage-looking dresses that flutter prettily in the North Shore breeze.

The letters were part of a grass-roots campaign by an anti-smoking group to get Vogue to drop ads for the new, prettily packaged Camels.

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