Sentences and phrases with the word pop

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word pop? Here are some examples.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber arrives at Sydney International Airport today.

Despite a population explosion and a growing AIDS problem, free condoms are being used in unusual ways.

The pop group is named after a confectionery brand, Starburst, and their song, No.

The pop music industry is taking on new female pop music artists who are and shaping the world of pop in a whole new way.

Okay, so you've got to pop that pimple.

No Pop -Ups: There are no Pop -Ups anywhere within the EzineArticles.

Pop music is music that is really contemporary music.

The pop -up window that contains an ad is commonly created using JavaScript.

Do you still remember when pop music used to rule the airwaves? Instead of wanting to learn to play electric guitar.

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