Sentences and phrases with the word pollen

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word pollen? Here are some examples.

But pollen ? Pollen, surely.

On Wednesday night the pollen grains burst and released small proteins that are breathed deep into people's lungs, causing asthma attacks.

One pollen grain fertilizes an egg cell to create a seed and that seed develops into the tree.

Bee pollen is known as a low calorie food and it only has ninety calories per ounce, and fifteen percent lecithin by volume.

Just because bee pollen is nutritious doesn't mean that we can take as much pollens as we like.

Bee Pollen Cosmetics.

If you want good bee pollen supplements, you have to make sure the pollen came from an un-polluted area.

Ohio bee pollen is pollen that is collected as a bee flies from flower to flower collecting nectar and pollen from the blossoms.

Bee pollen and side effects cannot be avoided, although many people don't feel any side effects after taking pollens.

Bee pollen granules are the single granules that are found from the hind legs of the bees.

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