Sentences with the phrase 'poll tax'

Looking for sentences with the phrase 'poll tax'? Here are some examples.

Council Tax and Poll Tax are usually collected by private firms of bailiffs on behalf of your local council.

Unfortunately for Thatcher, it was a cutting-edge, out-of-the-square suggestion from Dr Pirie, the poll tax.

As a result of anti-Asian sentiment, the state government, in 1855, placed a £20 poll tax on every Chinese person entering Victorian ports.

Critics say the ID requirement is essentially a poll tax that would hit hardest the poor, elderly.

Texas was forced by federal law to end its poll tax on voters four decades ago.

Which eliminated obstacles to voting such as the poll tax and literacy tests.

He also advocated repeal of the poll tax to provide greater ballot access to poor blacks and got a law passed making it illegal to wear a.

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