Sentences and phrases with the word people

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word people? Here are some examples.

A survey has found many young English people can't tell Admiral Nelson from Oliver Cromwell.

Richard Hinds The preliminary finals have become the people's grand finals.

Queensland Health says 18 people have responded to a national appeal for information from anyone who had unprotected sex with a HIV positive circus acrobat.

Credit repair debt consolidation is not as difficult as most people feel it is.

The bad economic state we face has forced many people to take loans so that.

Too many people enter the network marketing industry with the wrong focus.

People sitting in their cubicles at work slinging cartoon like webs and.

So many people have decided to focus all of the networking management skills on.

Despite immense progress of medicine, there are several diseases people suffer from that the science of medicine can not cure.

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