Sentences and phrases with the word passe

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word passe? Here are some examples.

Suzanne de Passe and saw Lionel Richie again.

Warwick McFadyen Longhand may be increasingly passe in the digital age but revisiting missives from loved ones imparts a journey of the heart.

I know it's passe, and my French friend Ludo thought so too.

Wall cabinets and TV cabinets have become passe as more and more people prefer having this absolutely wonderful piece of furniture for keeping their.

Either the fad site you are using will fade or become passe, or external forces will monkey wrench your success.

But then, another area of the African life and culture is the richness of African music which is a passe in African instruments.

Printing photographs is a passe these days and understandably so.

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