Sentences and phrases with the word partisan

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word partisan? Here are some examples.

Paul Sheehan President Obama has delivered one of the most partisan pieces of major legislation, delivered by one the most partisan processes.

Kingdom and New Zealand, we have no guidelines or legislation prohibiting the misuse of government advertising for partisan purposes.

The partial release of the report came after nearly three years of partisan wrangling over what is to be a five.

In principle he is a Democrat, but is not bound by partisan ties in the choice of suitable men for local offices.

A non partisan how to aimed at activists who wish to be more effective in persuading others to their point of view.

First off, this is not a partisan diatribe and/or endorsement of Hilary Clinton for president.

Thus, such polls are skewed in favor of non-voters who make no difference in elections, or who have highly partisan views they wish to promote.

As Americans we must leave our silly partisan bickering at the door until the most serious financial disaster since the Great Depression gets resolved.

I dislike partisan bickering and divisiveness that casts someone as the personification of evil simply based on party affiliation.

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