Sentences and phrases with the word paradox

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word paradox? Here are some examples.

As the laws of physics permit cause-and-effect mix ups such as the grandmother paradox.

They mutter darkly about the grandfather paradox, where you would travel back into the past and kill your grandfather.

The significance of the Zeno Paradox is that we had had, for centuries.

Cantor's Paradox of Infinity.

This is the inevitable result of the paradox of wanting (actually.

In The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz hypothesizes that this increasing amount of choice, which is designed to empower us.

The paradox of today's world is that the more 'slimming'.

A safe haven is a loving mirror who keeps you accountable to the demands of business because here is the paradox.

The paradox is that the French have comparatively lower chances of getting heart disease.

A paradox is when you've got two things that seem to conflict.

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