Sentences and phrases with the word ox

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ox? Here are some examples.

B: Adam Chatfield ( OX ), Lincoln Reynolds (OT), Luke Lochran (OI).

John Howard is a rabbit, Mark Latham an ox, but 2004 is the year of the monkey.

Call it ' ox cheek' and it doesn't.

Poached pickled ox tongue with roasted beetroot and salsa verde.

Rockdogs captain The Ox lays down the ground rules to Megahertz skipper Jonnie Von Goes before the 2005 Community Cup.

When in Pagan, the sweeping valley of temples in Burma, forgo a traditional ox cart by cycling around the thousand-year-old temples or.

Osso buco is a favourite, as are coq au vin and ox -cheek or oxtail stew.

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