Sentences and phrases with the word ounce

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ounce? Here are some examples.

Five years ago you could buy it for less than $US500 an ounce.

Telfer is expected to be confirmed as a 750000 ounce -a-year gold producer, not the 1 million- ounce producer that was originally promoted.

The steeply dipping western zone mineralisation has been compared with the 4- million- ounce Mount Charlotte operation at Kalgoorlie.

Greater potency and a stable price on the street of about $100 for a quarter of an ounce or seven grams.

Instead of making a really lightweight two-pound-four- ounce bat.

McDonald's Supersize option, which includes a seven ounce carton of fries and 42 ounce fountain soda.

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