Sentences and phrases with the word nutrition

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word nutrition? Here are some examples.

Her mother was also interested in nutrition and conducted a survey of dietetics units in American hospitals for the Department of Health.

In its first policy statement on nutrition, to be released tomorrow, the AMA also wants to prevent toys being given away with food.

Associate professor in nutrition and dietetics.

Do you understand what is meant by 'good nutrition '? Many people think that they do, but they really misunderstand what is meant.

More importantly, I have celiac disease and am an advocate of good nutrition and sound fitness habits to improve quality of life and health.

Nutrition & Health Educator, Author, Photographer, Chef, Teacher, World Traveler, Sailing Instructor, English Professor, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer.

I am passionate about health and nutrition.

It simply cannot function perfectly without the vitamin nutrition.

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