Sentences and phrases with the word nomenclature

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word nomenclature? Here are some examples.

The Cardinals won 32-25 and will play Pittsburgh in Super Bowl 43, or XLIII in NFL nomenclature, in Tampa, Florida, on February 2.

Much about the place, from interior design, to food style, to systems and menu nomenclature has been imported.

The nomenclature itself has become tricky.

It seems a miracle, really, that under the smothering cloak of colonial nomenclature anything earlier survived.

The classics are in vogue, but the celebrity factor appears to have played a part in the nomenclature of newborns.

This sort of problematic nomenclature should be addressed before distance inexactitude creeps even more deviously into our lives.

Robertson explains the arcane Anglican nomenclature : a deacon is the bottom rung.

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