Sentences and phrases with the word niche

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word niche? Here are some examples.

Contemporary country artists, such as Taylor Swift, will enjoy uninterrupted airplay on Melbourne's new niche station, Buckle.

Niche beauty companies are something of a subterranean growth industry in Australia.

Foster, herself a size 16 and DD cup, jokingly says she has created a niche market out of her tummy and bosoms.

Many people fail in Internet Marketing because they fail to get into a profitable niche market.

He owns and operates Niche Market Know.

You still have to do niche market research to find out what methods are the best.

You have identified your market and niche.

Building a niche website is a great way to build a business.

The most overwhelming task for a new internet marketer has got to be finding a good niche.

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