Sentences and phrases with the word nerd

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word nerd? Here are some examples.

A nerdy PM, pollies with feet welded to mouths: it's comedy heaven, isn't it?.

The story of how she found Minchin, and her tough cookie relationship with him, is part of the documentary, Rock n Roll Nerd.

Today in year12 I am still known as a book nerd and I am proud of it.

In the past, you had to have an advanced degree in nerd -speak just to get a WordPress template installed.

She's been a computer nerd for over thirty years, with a BS Cum Laude in Information & Computer Science from the.

However, he does draw from his experiences as a certified massage therapist, photographer, mail clerk, data entry person, computer nerd.

They were not friends becaues Kyle looked like the nerd type.

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