Sentences and phrases with the word mountain range

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word mountain range? Here are some examples.

A young pilot who crashed in a New Zealand mountain range taped a chunk of his scalp back on and trekked for two hours to raise help for his.

Each day begins before dawn with a performance to greet the sun as it peeps above a distant mountain range.

Business and Residence in North Carolina Mountain Range by Fred Vaccaro If you are searching for a good business opportunity along with a beautiful living.

This state of India is surrounded by the pride mountain range of Aravali which is one of the oldest mountain range of the world.

The Happy Valley set were a group of privileged British colonials living in Wanjohi Valley, near the Aberdare mountain range, in the colonial of Kenya.

Backed by a breathtaking mountain range, visitors will find the town of Dingle nestled cosily in a comfortable.

Many people are misinformed that this is one large mountain range.

In the west of Mauritius, sheltering under the protective enclave of the Moka Mountain range.

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