Sentences and phrases with the phrase 'mother nature'

Looking for sentences or phrases with the phrase 'mother nature'? Here are some examples.

It is Mother Nature that sets us the ethical task of acknowledging her generosity in what we design.

You see, as smart as human beings think they are, they can't beat Mother Nature and it's a wonderful thing to watch.

Still time to set the season record straight and get some boasting rights in this spring if you're willing to give Mother Nature a go.

Living in the Midwest provides an annual experience with Mother Nature that is not often found in most other areas across the nation.

For most people, Spring brings an end to the extremes of mother nature, but to others.

Mother nature has blessed India with its every creation.

Instead of having sleepless nights about whether or not Mother Nature is going to be on your side on the big day.

Lets make a New Year resolution of enjoying some cozy hours in the lap of Mother Nature.

Given to us as a gift by Mother Nature to deal with unpleasant situations.

As Mother Nature marches across your face will you be tempted to have the hands of time surgically removed in hopes that by.

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