Sentences and phrases with the word microorganism

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word microorganism? Here are some examples.

The microorganism inside the body is called yeast, so infection thus is called as yeast infection.

A well lawn kept will enrich the soil, combat the erosion, cool the environment and encourages many form of life, like microorganism.

A microorganism and bug are devastating the imported African trees.

The microorganism is found in the starving mammals, but experts are unsure if it is the cause of their deaths.

The microorganism that causes the disease is much more resistant to chlorine than other water.

Blackburn identified and decoded repeating segments of DNA at the ends of the chromosomes of the microorganism called Tetrahymena.

Thriller about a team of scientists attempting to save mankind from a deadly microorganism brought to earth by a military satellite.

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