Sentences and phrases with the word louse

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word louse? Here are some examples.

Harvey teams up with UK collaborator John Parish on their first album together since 1996's Dance Hall at Louse Point.

Did the ?Brazilian? kill the pubic louse ? Sex Transm Infect 2006; 82:265?6.

Information on Head Louse and why they infect humans.

Natural Louse Remedy: Get Rid of Head Lice Once and for All If you're wary of putting pesticides in your child'.

Head louse is common among children because it can be so easily spread.

The head louse or Pediculous humanus capitus is one of three types of lice that can invade people.

Louse is the singular form of lice, meaning just one; however, they are usually referred to in the plural, as in head lice.

Home Remedy For Head Lice Or Head Louse Once you find out you have lice, the first thing you want to do is treat them.

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