Sentences and phrases with the word ledge

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ledge? Here are some examples.

The lushly erotic Still Life with Fruit on a Stone Ledge is on display at the St Kilda Road gallery after its owner.

Briskly shinning up to the first ledge that comes into view, I hug a natural pillar set into the rock, laboriously wheel around and hover.

A fawn ute teeters dangerously over a ledge, an orange-tinged quarry yawning below.

A blizzard blew in, Simpson was lowered over an overhanging ledge, and at that point the rope ran out.

Hatch, who has four children from three women, was eventually persuaded to leave the palace ledge just after 7pm on Monday, London time.

The track runs along a ledge halfway up a 200-metre-high cliff.

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