Sentences and phrases with the word juncture

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word juncture? Here are some examples.

The film is about death, but it is also about that juncture between childhood and adolescence.

At what juncture was the age of consent moved forward to the age of 18? Attorney -General Rob Hulls has told Parliament that ".

He will point out the gravity of offences against the licensing law and their effect upon the renewal of licences at this juncture.

It will be an understatement if one should assume at this juncture that we are really approaching the end of time.

At this juncture, the dismissed batsman should discontinue his batting and leave the field and the fielding side is declared to have captured his wicket.

Any of these kinds of defects over a joint or juncture can cause problems that can lead to leaky roofs.

At this juncture.

At any juncture in a relationship it is possible for one person to make the effort and affect change for the positive and get the marriage back on track.

Can astrology offer any insight into what might be troubling Robbie at this juncture ? How To Become a Miracle Maker.

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