Sentences and phrases with the word jump

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word jump? Here are some examples.

Shares in blood products and vaccine developer jumped in early trading today after global pharmaceutical giant Merck &.

Annual car registration fees will jump $17 to $157 and Victorian motorists will face automatic rises linked to inflation each year for the.

Have you ever told anyone that you want to maximize your ability to jump.

In the triple jump, one of four field jump competitions in track and field.

Vertical jump training is not something that you come across everyday in most sports but it is very important for improving.

Since he learned how to gain 12 inches to his vertical jump he is now helping other young basketball players how to increase their vertical.

The key to a great jump training program for volleyball is to work on.

By now you have probably heard and read about all kinds of things that you can do to quickly increase your vertical jump.

Once you feel secure in the saddle, you might think about taking a horse riding course which teaches you to jump over manageable fences.

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