Sentences and phrases with the word irrespective

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word irrespective? Here are some examples.

The equity argument is: we don't want to discriminate on the basis of level of risk; we want to provide one price irrespective of risk.

What I object to is the kind of universalism that says: 'Practice X is oppressive irrespective of the meanings you ascribe to it.

Yet the capital stock is the same, irrespective of who uses it.

It may be that the NSW electorate is so tired of government by Labor mates that it will vote to change government irrespective of what the.

The Principles can help companies optimise actions, irrespective of whether the goal is modest emissions reductions or achieving carbon neutrality.

The underlying position is that every Australian is entitled to aged care, irrespective of their financial circumstances.

There has been much study done on human resource replacement costs, irrespective of how they relate to parental leave.

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