Sentences and phrases with the word irrelevant

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word irrelevant? Here are some examples.

Stubby-guzzling mates are the distillation of a culture that cringes from looking beyond irrelevant symbols of itself.

They are two-dimensional, irrelevant and the butt of many jokes.

That's irrelevant. A lot of these wines will age really, really well, providing the corks don't muck anything up.

Those who follow my posts and articles will observe that I sometimes write topics that either look irrelevant or unimportant.

Some would argue that the history of the border patrol is irrelevant to our problems today, but they would be wrong.

It could be your best option for drinking water or it could be irrelevant depending on your circumstances and possibilities.

Yet, in spite of this great material prosperity, most of the world ignores God, believing Him to be irrelevant in their quest for personal happiness.

It is irrelevant what suggestions others make for you.

It frequently starts with an argument which leads to a fight over something small and often irrelevant.

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