Sentences and phrases with the word insightful

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word insightful? Here are some examples.

But, as they usually are, Mr Gosling is insightful, friendly, and highly amusing.

This exploration of Indonesia's annual rainforest burning season is insightful, scary and ever so slightly hopeful.

Thanks again all for your insightful questions today folks, and kind words, too.

Think of it as a live version of the special features on a DVD, only usually far more insightful, hilarious and possibly libellous.

You already enjoy the benefits of insightful reading, up-to-date news and information and the convenience of home delivery.

Money offers hundreds of thousands of Victorians pertinent and insightful information on money and investment management.

A more insightful approach is to consider a batsman's middle score, what is known as the median.

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